Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long time, no blog.

I'm a totally blogging loser......
Sue me!
I haven't blogged in months..........OK, a lot of months. (But who's counting)

I have so much to catch up on, but I'm going to start by saying life is great!
My kids are great!
My marriage is great!
My life is great!
I am totally blessed.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, good New Year and good Valentines Day.
We sure did ;)

Here is Owen and his new guinea pig Raphael (from the Ninja Turtles (we are obsessed))

Me and my hubs! He is growing his beard out, something to do with hunting, I pretend to care.

My O-Dub! Love him....

The husbands birthday cake....

My heart explodes with this one....

I will try to do better with the blogging, 
you know... since my life is awesome!


  1. Glad you are back blogging

    Email me at kellysavenue@yahoo.com

  2. I love love love you back and also loving Duck Dynasty boy! Cuteness! Love the beard!