Monday, October 29, 2012


It has been a long time coming....

Abbie is starting preschool. Say what?

Two....just two days a week, and I'm an emotional wreck.

She needs this, and I need this. But am I ready for this?

I think its harder knowing that I can't have any more children, I want to enjoy this time, every second with her.

I love watching her grow and learn new things, but honestly, I don't love her attitude. I try to discipline, but, for anyone that knows Abbie, knows that Abbie is her own person. I just keep reminding myself that one day I will be thankful that she is her own individual self. Until then, I will be sad that she is leaving me two days a week.

But I am so excited that I will have ALL DAY Thursdays to just me. And I can use that day to do whatever I want.

For those of you that don't know, I watch my friends little girl three days a week. She is precious and funny and developing her personality. I remember when my kids were her age. I like knowing that she doesn't have to take her child somewhere else and I literally live across the pasture from her. Its perfect for everyone.

Back to Abbie....she doesn't nap, never really has, this will be a wake up call for her and I am praying that the teachers can handle her attitude.

Catch up on Owen.

He had his school pictures coming up and I ordered the biggest package, along with the retouch and his name on the wallets. Why wouldn't I? Really, its his first year in school and we have to send his pictures to everyone to look at;)

He went to school that day, adorable! Even had daddy fix his hair, came home, looking cute still.

Got his pictures back this week and WHAT????? what happened to the adorable sweater from gymboree I bought that would bring out his eyes in his pictures??????

He took it off and wore just his white Hanes T-shirt!!! In his pictures!! I was laughing hysterically cause I just couldn't be mad, or could I? I mean the pictures were $50 and I'm sure the sweater wasn't very cheap. Good things he's cute!!

So I called my grandma and told her "grandma, I could just beat him, he is wearing a white tshirt".....Joking of course, I'm not going to beat my child ever, let alone for his pictures. Later we were leaving and he opened my car door and the conversation went like this...

"here momma"

"Thanks Owen, that was sweet of you, I like you opening my door"

"You're welcome, I want you to be happy"

"Owen, I am happy"

"I don't want you mad"

"I'm not, promise"

"Then why did you tell great grandma you were going to beat me?"

Now, I died laughing, poor boy, he was really listening to our conversation. I had to explain that it was a figure of speech that I loved him and would never hurt him.

I love the 5 year olds imagination.

He also got a good report at his first parent teacher conference. He is one of only two kids in his class that can recognize all his upper case and lower case letters. And the only kid she has ever had that can say his alphabet backwards.Which he radomly does. Smart cookie!! Takes after his mama ;))))

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPhone photo dump

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you have probably seen them already.

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