Thursday, August 16, 2012

First day and ignorance!

Owen had his open house last night so that he could meet his teacher, look around the school and take in his school supplies. WHERE DID MY BABY GO??? I miss that innocent sweet baby that I could just rock and cuddle with.

Today was his first day of kindergarten. When we ate dinner tonight we asked him what was his favorite part of the day and he said....LUNCH!! Really??? Love him and his honesty.

His teacher seems super nice and he said that he likes her, hoping he will get out of his shyness this year and embrace all of these experiences.

But, on another note, let me vent! PARENTS!! URGH!!

We go to a small school and new this year is the pickup system. You used to be able to walk in the main door and the kids would walk through and you would just leave. Now, there is a line up inside that the parents use and there is a teacher at the door to the gym with a sign out sheet. If you pick up your child you have to wait for the teacher to call your childs name and then sign the sheet showing you were the one to pick them up. Time consuming, yes! But its the first year to do this, the first day and the safety of your children. I don't mind waiting an extra five minutes knowing that my son is not just released to walk freely and someone else grab him. Slim chance, but come on, it does happen.
SO, onto what really just pissed me off. You are the parent, the example. If you are standing there moaning and groaning and using choice words in the elementary school because of the inconveniece then maybe you shouldn't have had children!!!! It's a new policy, the teachers did not make the rule so don't take it out on them. Trust me, they work hard for their money and I'm sure if your child acts anything like you then it isn't an easy job. But my biggest point........if you don't respect the teachers, how do you ever expect your child to respect them?????

I will get off of my soap box now and let you enjoy my pictures!!

Yes, his shirt is long but he insisted on wearing it, pick our battles!!

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