Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We went to the lake this weekend for some much needed family time. We swam, played at the arcades, drove go carts and Owen fished.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Forever, nope, just a couple months!

So....It has been forever since I blogged!


Been a little busy.

I will just have to catch up with a bullet list.

  • My friend just booked me, her and another friend floor tickets to Miranda Lambert. YAY!!! Super excited.
  • We (the hubs and I) along with another couple just booked our hotel for Memphis in May!! We are ready for Beale Street, hope its ready for us!!
  • My AWESOME brother and sister-in-law are keeping my kids. (p.s., my brother.....not so awesome but his wife is) WINK WINK!!!
  • I have Bunco at my house next week, ready for good food and good friends.
  • I am still dieting, I have lost 2 inches around my waist and 7 lbs as of last week.
  • My cardio fit is killer, I am shocked that I would pay some one to make me feel like poop, but its working!
  • We called and put Owen on the list for kindergarten registration.....what??? Can I stop time???
  • We took Owen to the movies yesterday to see Lorax, I love to see him smile and laugh at movies, so innocent.
  • Our trampoline officially needs to be replaced, urgh! It has flown off in two different storms and the last time my husband had to literally fish it out of the pond and we are missing a leg.
  • Yes, I know that you can tie them down, he does too since I went and bought the stuff to do it with. Yes, he still hasn't done it. Why, you ask?? Because he doens't want to have to move it every time he mows. So we have just worked it out that every time it gets windy he can just go catch it and bring it back, or buy another one (this is already the second one we have had). Love stubborness!! (if thats a word)
  • Abbie was in the hospital for 8 days. Poor thing. She was first admitted for dehydration, she was sick and wouldn't eat or drink. When they were getting all of ther vitals they realized her oxygen level wasn't where it should be. It took her 8 days to finally kick the oxygen all night. She is such a fiesty girl.
  • While I was in the hospital with her, daddy had to take Owen to the dentist. This wasn't his first appointment, but the first with this dentist. I really wanted to take him, but since I couldn't, daddy came and sat with Abbie while I took Owen on a date. He picked Coltons (his favorite place ever!!!)
  • I will leave you with some cute pics of my babies =)