Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Christmas will be different, but in a good way!

We have decided that we want to have more experiences with our children this time of year instead of all the material things. Don't get me wrong, I like to shop, especially when its for my kids.
But, I want then to be grateful for every gift they get and not always want more.

Point in case.........I was going to get Owen a Leap Pad for Christmas (with games and a case), it was getting up there in price $150 (average). However, all he has asked for is transformers. I took him to walmart to see if he would like the Leap Pad and he wanted NOTHING to do with it.
Now, do I think he would like it or that it would be educational for him. YES!
But is it for me to pick his gift? NO
He has been asking for nothing but transformers and if you ask what he wants from Santa, he will tell you the BIG transformer.
So, this momma has decided to just tell Santa to get the transformer. Forget the Leap Pad.
Bonus, its only half the cost!!!

I want to enjoy these years before he starts asking for ipods, ipads, or a car =))))

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