Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Branson Famiy trip 2011

We loaded up the car Friday morning and headed to Branson. We were going for the weekend to enjoy Silver Dollar City during Christmas. It didn't disappoint!!!
We had the best time. We rode the Ducks Friday night, Duke's dad, his girlfriend and her girls went down too. The Ducks were fun, the kids loved them. They even saw Santa at the end of the ride and he called their names from the good list.
Saturday morning we got up and ready. Went to eat, played mini golf then headed to Silver Dollar City.
I had 3 aunt, some cousins and their kids that met  us there. Talk about fun, I loved seeing the kids with their buddy system holding hands. Owen doesn't get to see them a lot so it was nice to get a visit like that in.

 OWEN~played this game............and WON!!!!
We had grown men coming up to us and asking Duke to win their kids one, even offering to pay him. Then Duke had to explain that Owen did it, not him =)