Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still playing catch up.....

For the other part of Owen's birthday we took him to Silver Dollar City in Branson.We bought season tickets this year and  I am happy we did, I am planning two more trips back before the year is over. If you live close enough and would go more than once you will get your money worth.

 We can never get a family picture..............

 Duke's cousin Jimmy, his wife Jen, their daughter Kassie and Jimmy's dad Ralph (Duke's uncle) went with us (Did you keep up with that?) Ralph is older and has trouble getting around so he rented a motorized scooter for the day, Owen and Jimmy thought they were cool. HA!!

Being from Sikeston, where the original Lambert's Cafe is, we had to stop on the way home and check out the one in Springfield. Still yummy!! But I think my favorite will always be back home........Can't have a family picture without a dinosaur.

I promise Iwill catch up eventually! Hope you enjoyed!!!!

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