Sunday, August 7, 2011

In love with my TOMS.....

My birthday was last weekend and my awesome hubby spoiled me rotten.

The day before my actual birthday I was in his truck and I turned around and noticed the TOM's box?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! I have been wanting a pair forever. He actual remembered.

SO, oops, no surprise for me on my actual birthday (or so I thought).

The same night that I saw the shoes, the day before my actual birthday, Duke and Owen went to the store and bought me a cake, he took Owen. Big mistake, HUGE! (yes, that's from Pretty Woman, ha)

We had some friends over and we were on the deck, Owen comes out of the garage door and brings out a cake (that he found in the dark because for some reason my hubs put it in the deep freezer so I wouldn't see it.) He was so excited about it, he sang to me!!

The next morning, Duke woke me up, we got dressed and headed to breakfast. We pigged out! Then we headed to the outlets at Lake Ozark. I was excited. He was buying me a new workout wardrobe. We joined the Y ( I see a trainer on Wednesday) and I needed clothes and good shoes. So my hubby was generous enough to take me shopping and spoil me and he even kept the kids busy so I could look. It's not easy taking two little ones shopping, but we somehow manage. =)

We also registered Owen for soccer at the Y and it starts in two weeks. We also signed Abbie up for swim lessons that start next month.  I can't wait!!!

Check out our cute pictures we took on Saturday. Loving my TOM'S...

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