Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soocer Practice.

We had Owen's second soccer practice and since PaPa kept Abbie for me I was able to snap some pictures. The first practice was crazy and Abbie was everywhere. I enjoy watching Owen grow and learn. He is having an absolute blast!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top of the hill and Lake Ozark

We had an awesome weekend.

We went to some friends house and hung out Friday, the kids played and we drove up to the "top of the hill" behind their house to hang out, we had a bon fire and the kids climbed on the hay.

They had a blast!!!

Our good friends also had their newest addition to their family....Bostyn!!! (joining sister Kenadie) We stopped by the hospital to say hello!! And get a picture.

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to for little Olivia. Her mom threw the cutest Mickey/Minnie Mouse party and she made the cutest cupcakes, there was a bounce house and tons of fun. Happy Birthday Livy!!!!

Later that day we headed to the Lake with our friends to her parents lake house. We went out on the boat and Owen tubed for the first time. She was such a trooper to do it with the kids. I'm new to this, I was doing good praying the boat wouldn't tip. (I have horrible anxiety...about EVERYTHING)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bath and Bedtime....

It is bath and bedtime in our house. Owen takes a shower. Abbie takes a bath. K.

They love to get fired up after said baths/showers. Even though this is supposed to be time to wind down.

Time to pick up the playroom. They were running, dancing, laughing and so on. Nothing was getting picked up.....NOTHING!

That would be no surprise.

The kids are growing so fast that I want to document their goofiness in every sense of the word.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

In love with my TOMS.....

My birthday was last weekend and my awesome hubby spoiled me rotten.

The day before my actual birthday I was in his truck and I turned around and noticed the TOM's box?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! I have been wanting a pair forever. He actual remembered.

SO, oops, no surprise for me on my actual birthday (or so I thought).

The same night that I saw the shoes, the day before my actual birthday, Duke and Owen went to the store and bought me a cake, he took Owen. Big mistake, HUGE! (yes, that's from Pretty Woman, ha)

We had some friends over and we were on the deck, Owen comes out of the garage door and brings out a cake (that he found in the dark because for some reason my hubs put it in the deep freezer so I wouldn't see it.) He was so excited about it, he sang to me!!

The next morning, Duke woke me up, we got dressed and headed to breakfast. We pigged out! Then we headed to the outlets at Lake Ozark. I was excited. He was buying me a new workout wardrobe. We joined the Y ( I see a trainer on Wednesday) and I needed clothes and good shoes. So my hubby was generous enough to take me shopping and spoil me and he even kept the kids busy so I could look. It's not easy taking two little ones shopping, but we somehow manage. =)

We also registered Owen for soccer at the Y and it starts in two weeks. We also signed Abbie up for swim lessons that start next month.  I can't wait!!!

Check out our cute pictures we took on Saturday. Loving my TOM'S...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Owen's first fishing experience

Owen went fishing the first time in our neighbors pond. He was so excited, he was going with Duke and Blair (Duke's good friend). I stayed back with Blairs wife, Sarah, and the kids. They have a little boy Colt who is a day younger than Abbie. They are a handful together!!! They really have a love hate relationship. Most of the time its just hate.

On to the fishing expedition.....

They caught several, nothing crazy, the pond is stocked but hasn't been fished in a long time so they aren't crazy big due to over population. (or thats what the guys said, maybe cause they just didn't catch BIG ones, HA)

Back to Owen, Duke said that he couldn't keep bait on his line, he was constantly having to re-bait his hook, and Owen being Owen is a little impatient.

Owen caught his first fish, he was so happy to tell me all about it. Already learning the rules of fishing, he used his hands to tell me how big it was, and of course, it was as big as him. He told me how it was bleeding. He had so much joy about his fish.

I asked Duke if he had taken any pictures and he laughed, so did Blair! Wait.....no pictures of my son catching his first fish.......and just why not??

Owen got scared and let go of the pole and the fish took the pole into the pond. Duke being the great dad he is jumped in, waist deep to get it. Sweet, right?? He then tells me that it was a good pole and he coudn't let it just sink. Nothing about Owen's first fish. Imagine that!!!

Blair said it was hilarious to watch, and I am sure it was.

Anyway, we did get some pictures of him with the fish in the bed of the truck. (Colt thought it was super cool too)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two peas in a pod.....

These two awesome kids that I have make me smile. I love everything about them!! (except the crying, the whining, the he did she did, mess making, fighting, tantrum throwing, well.....you get the point) HAHA!!
But.....they make my heart happy! Nobody can really love you like your kids at this age. I love when Owen says "mom, your so beautiful". He doesn't realize that I'm overweight and busting my hump every morning to get back in shape. He sees the momma that makes him chocolate milk, takes him to the movies and cuddles him when he doesn't feel good, not counting all the dinosaurs that I have bought.  He sees the momma that loves him to the moon and back.

I L.O.V.E. them with every ounce of my being (trust me....thats a lot of ounces) =)