Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad Blogging Lately.......But last night of Owen's Tball

I know I have been horrible about blogging lately and I have a million and one things that I want to blog about.

Everything from Owens tball to this amazing dip my dear friend Jennie brought last night to a get together.

I promise I am going to step up the game. But don't think I am not reading yours, I am all about it. Just horrible at writing them.

But, lets start, Owen had his last game of Tball tonight and I went. This was only my second time going and it was HOT. We signed up Owen giving him something to do with just dad and it was a program where the parents are the coaches and are just guided by the actual coaches. Its been a great thing for Owen, even though he has a lot of typical 4 year old meltdowns.

I hate that he's growing up so fast but I am so thankful that he is a healthy brilliant little man.

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