Friday, June 3, 2011

St Louis Zoo

Went headed to the Zoo this past Monday for the day. We are spur of the moment people, and we aren't crazy about making plans, we both like the spontaneous things. Keeps us going!!

Anywho, we left early headed for St. Louis. I love their Zoo, its free, can't get much better. (Except for parking, which is a rip-off!! $12 just to park, that's NUTS) And realistically, I would have paid about $50 to get up front parking. Hey, it's a lot of work with both small ones, let alone navigating a parking lot where people don't slow down for anything or anybody.

We did pay to get the "bracelet" which allows for the children's zoo, the train ride carousel and a couple of other things but those are what we did. Totally worth it!!! Owen LOVED the water thingy in the Children's Zoo. And the train ride was a nice switch up to walking.

The Favorites.....

Owen~The reptile house, he is fascinated with snakes and lizards!! Even though the whole way there he kept telling us that he wanted to see the dinosaurs =)

Abbie~The push up pops that we kept her stocked up on. Those $3 ice creams were totally worth it, she would just sit in her stroller and eat and walk around. Hey, kept her hydrated and we didnt' have to chase her.

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  1. Looks like you all had a fun day! We went to the St. Louis zoo last summer and was one of the best I've been to by far! You should link your post to my Summer Luvin' party today! It would be perfect! :)