Friday, June 10, 2011

Should have been first night baseball and GNO

We have been busy this week. Starting with what should have been the first night for Owen's baseball. We enrolled him in Parks and Rec Start Smart Baseball and he was geared up ready to go. I had his shirt on and gear in hand. Duke took him to town and they waited for someone to show up. There were several other parents and kids there too, but no coach. Come to find out, it was postponed a week and for some reason the letters didn't get mailed out. Mix up.......yep! Oh well. I promised Owen that if he was good and listened, that I would have brownies made for him when he got home. He walked in the door and asked if he could still get his brownies even though he didn't play. Gotta love the kids!!!

I also had girls night tonight. We went to Madison's Cafe and had a great time together. The pasta was delicious and the wine was even better. We were short a couple of girls tonight but still had a blast. I love these girls. It was a special night for Kristen, she just passed her boards and is officially an RN!!! So proud of her. She is also on our bunco team and has been missed a lot do to studying. But totally worth it!!! Tonight it was Laurie, Shawn, Kristen, Shelle, Chantel and I..........

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  1. Owen looks so darn cute!! And I missed you guys at GNO!:(. I will be there next time!