Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tonanzio's for a Friday night feast............

I am trying to catch up on all that I have missed. A little skipping around of course!!

Last Friday my cousin Jackie, her hubs Paul and their daughter Logan came into town to visit for the weekend. We had such a good time, tons of laughs and a lot of great food!

We wanted something different, somewhere they have never been. Duke decided we should take them to the middle of nowhere, literally!!!

A place called Tonanzio's. It is really good, a huge place with hotel rooms, a bar, a restaurant and a ball room (that's being built).  It really cracks me up thinking about it!!! (considering their landscaping sucked!!)  But their food is really good, so is their wine ;)
It has tons of animals, from zebras and giraffes to alligators and deer. All dead of course, hanging from EVERYWHERE. The kids were fascinated by it. (so were we).

My understanding is that the owner and his wife go safari hunting and do it all!!!

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