Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday Night, Girls Night.....

Last Friday night was our monthly girls night. A night that I pretty much countdown to. I love getting together with a great group of girls, eating, visiting and enjoying adult drinks. It's much needed for this momma. This past Friday night we had 5 girls, several of the others had already had plans on that night with it being Mother's Day weekend.

We met at Ria's and it was delicious. They had $2 margaritas and they tasted GREAT!!! I just love these girls and  can't wait to do it all again next month.

Yesterday was also Abbie's first haircut. Yes, i know that she is only 19 months but this girl has natural curl and it mattes up really bad in the back and her bangs are constantly in her face hanging down to her nose. Needless to say, we needed a trim!!!

I also got feather extensions, more on that tomorrow ;))))))

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  1. Love it! Abbie Kate is just so sweet and I can't wait to see your feathers!!