Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shout out to Missy and her purse giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

My dear friend Missy is doing a giveaway on her blog for a purse!!! (You pick the colors)

She is super talented and very crafty. So head on over to her blog, leave a comment on her giveaway and enter to win it.

She made one for my cousin Ashley, from Ashley's Avenue, you can see it in the pics below, ADORABLE!!!! (the flowers come off and can attach to a headband, shirt, etc.....)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday Night, Girls Night.....

Last Friday night was our monthly girls night. A night that I pretty much countdown to. I love getting together with a great group of girls, eating, visiting and enjoying adult drinks. It's much needed for this momma. This past Friday night we had 5 girls, several of the others had already had plans on that night with it being Mother's Day weekend.

We met at Ria's and it was delicious. They had $2 margaritas and they tasted GREAT!!! I just love these girls and  can't wait to do it all again next month.

Yesterday was also Abbie's first haircut. Yes, i know that she is only 19 months but this girl has natural curl and it mattes up really bad in the back and her bangs are constantly in her face hanging down to her nose. Needless to say, we needed a trim!!!

I also got feather extensions, more on that tomorrow ;))))))

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Field trip to the Runge Nature Center...........................

It would be a fair statement to say that I had never been to Runge Nature Center.

It would be a fair statement to say all of the following.....

I didn't particularly care to go.

I like my children to experience things.

Luckily my hubs met me there.

I was extremely embarrassed upon leaving.

Owen had a complete meltdown when leaving. (which lead to my embarrassment)

But again, they at least got the experience, and it was fun!!

I really didn't realize how cool of a place it was for kids, he loved the exhibits and even the trails. He continued to tell me to be quite so we could listen for all of the dinosaurs.

Didn't you know there were dinosaurs still around.

This little man thinks with his heart and soul that there are dinosaurs. I just love his imagination.

Tonanzio's for a Friday night feast............

I am trying to catch up on all that I have missed. A little skipping around of course!!

Last Friday my cousin Jackie, her hubs Paul and their daughter Logan came into town to visit for the weekend. We had such a good time, tons of laughs and a lot of great food!

We wanted something different, somewhere they have never been. Duke decided we should take them to the middle of nowhere, literally!!!

A place called Tonanzio's. It is really good, a huge place with hotel rooms, a bar, a restaurant and a ball room (that's being built).  It really cracks me up thinking about it!!! (considering their landscaping sucked!!)  But their food is really good, so is their wine ;)
It has tons of animals, from zebras and giraffes to alligators and deer. All dead of course, hanging from EVERYWHERE. The kids were fascinated by it. (so were we).

My understanding is that the owner and his wife go safari hunting and do it all!!!