Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes we have internet...........

Just let me explain...........

We have recently moved and the husband and I decided to NOT get internet right away. (He really decided)

We both have iPhones and they really do all that we needed online.

I love blogging, I love writing them, reading them and going from one to another.

(Yes, I am getting to the point)

We were all settled on not purchasing a land line and dsl, UNTIL, my husband went downstairs to watch a movie he had recorded on his big tv.

Wouldn't work??? WHAT????

We have Direct TV, and we bought the "whole home" DVR set up. Where you can record in your living room and watch it on any tv throughout the house without having separate DVR receivers.

We called Direct, wondering why it wouldn't work...........After talking to what felt like a million people (none of which I could really understand) we determined that you have to have wireless Internet so that the receivers could "network" together.......

Once my husband figured that out, we were having CenturyLink hook us up by the end of the week.

I'm back!!!! With tons to blog about =)

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