Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes, I feel like I have neglected my blog lately and I promise to step up my game.

Being a mom is extremely difficult. Would I change it, NO, NEVER. I am blessed to have my kids and I am very aware of that. With that being said, I also am entitled to get stressed out and over worked by their demanding little bodies. I understand that I am a stay at home mom and this is what I chose to do, this is what I wanted. I still want it. But I take a lot of heat for "not working", not by my husband, but others.

I would like people to remember that when your kids get on your nerves within that first 30 minutes of being home, realize that I have been with mine all day.

Remember that when you are working (and I am NOT knocking it) and someone else is still having to take care of the kids and you pay them good hard earned money to do that, so it must be important, right? Therefore, my "job" is important.

Remember that when you get off work and run errands before going to pick up your children because its easier, that I run my errands with both kids in tow. And yes, I chose to do this.

Remember that this is a sacrifice that my husband and I have both decided on, its not easy, we do it with one income, but we do it.

Do I wish sometimes that I had a "normal" job for structure? Yes, but at the end of the day, I LOVE my job with ALL my heart and I am thanful that I have been blessed to do it.

Also remember, that just because you see that we went out on a friday night and got a babysitter, that I am entitled to have a life, I have not worked a 40 hour week outside of the house and then went out, I HAVE been with my kids ALL day.

I am also not putting anybody down that works and has kids, I couldn't imagine the stress of working, getting kids and still having dinner on the stove. I understand that your job is hard and I am just asking that you have that same respect for us stay at home moms.

These are MY opinions because this is MY blog.

If you have negative comments feel free to keep them to yourself.

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  1. Finding time to blog when you have a kid is hard:) I totally understand!!