Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I know, I have totally been M.I.A.

I have had a million things going on lately and a ton of stress (or what feels like a ton)!

Starting with my transmission going out in my van then my step-grandpa passing away, Abbie getting yet another ear infection and Owen acting like the normal three year old.

Ending with Abbie magically pulling Owens fish tank off of his dresser.

Lord, help me! In every sense of the word!

I promise I will get back to my regular blogging soon. It's just been so nice here and our 20+inches of snow has melted, we were ready to get out. I have been reading everybody's, I just haven't had time to actually do the blogging.

Duke took Owen to work with him this morning and he loves earning toy money ;)

Owen teaching his great grandma how to play DS!

I am in love with her gold shoes.

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