Monday, January 24, 2011

Toilet water.............????????

Just to let you know now, I am blogging this for future reference when Owen is going on his first date. Plus, I am keeping it real in our world.

Owen went potty, or so I thought, he was in there a while. I opened the door like I always do to tell him to make sure and wipe and wash his hands before he comes out. He was standing over the toilet with soaking wet hair, water down his face, and his hands were wet.

I stopped and looked at the sink, NO, it wasn't wet, why would it be wet, he was standing over the toilet. I was in denial that he would seriously put his hands in the toilet. I mean really, doesn't he see us smack Abbie's hands every time she TRIES to lift the lid. I freaked out at this point. I put my arm around his waist and threw him up on the sink and started squirting Bath and Body Works foam anti-bacterial hand soap in his hair and I went to town scrubbing and then the brilliant mother I am realized that he has eczema and this soap is not "tear-free" so I start pouring water over his head to rinse it off. (after I seriously scrubbed the crap out of his hair and face)

What was this child thinking, the idea of putting his hands in the toilet???

And to top it all off today he has decided that he doesnt' want to wear anything besides his shorts and frog rainboots, and play his paper-jam guitar (thanks kassie)!! Love this boy, but sometimes I have to wonder, what am I doing wrong??


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