Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you have a valid I.D.??

Owen Wesley......Can I please see your I.D.?

This little boy has a fit to drive so once in a blue moon daddy lets him drive down our gravel driveway. He thinks he is the biggest kid in the world when he sits in that drivers seat. And me, being the over protective mom reminds him constantly that this is a special treatment and NEVER can he drive without us. Daddy just tells me to calm down!!!

She must have been mad because she can't drive yet, bahahahaha =)

Thats OK, she has learned to walk and she will prove to me that she can get around just fine on her own without mommas keys.....

On another note, daddy and Owen built a tent out of a quilt and they played forever. Owen kept pretending that there were "dinosaurs" outside and they had to be very quite.


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