Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Been a while....

My aunt called today to check on all of us, apparenly I haven't blogged in a bit, ha!! At least somebody is reading ;)

I figured I would give you guys a couple randoms to fill you in on our life here lately.

  • SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW. We had Bunco last night and lets just say that we are very dedicated players, we drove from all around to make it to our monthly girls night game of Bunco. If you don't have a group in your area, you should definately get one, I love it! The groups I play with our totally fun and its a quick night away from the kids. my sanity needs it
  • Abbie sleeps great at night, lays down in her toddler bed, we never hear a fuss out of her. But naptimes, TOTALLY different story, she gets up and up and up and up and up (you get the point). It is ridiculus. I continue to lay her back down over and over and over and over (again, you get the point). I am lost, today I gave in and rocked her to sleep, I mean really, I need that hour window that she does sleep to catch up on Young and the Restless =) So any tips would be much appreciated.
  • Owen is still in this whinning phase, really?? When does it end, be honest, I can take it! I am at a loss at this point. Sometimes I think I am the worst stay at home mom on the planet. I can't get one kid to nap and the other just wants to cry at everything. Please, tell me that its not just my kids.
  • I have officially started my diet back and the hubs put the treadmill in our room for me. I kept having excuse after excuse. My true weakness is Lay's chips with Central Dairy Chip n' Dip!!!! YUMMY!! But, I am done having children and I want to feel good about myself again. If I get brave I will let you know my weight and my goal weight, that will help keep me motivated (surely).
  • The hubs and I are in the market for a new couch/recliner. We are interested in leather, for all of you that have it, please let us know the pros and cons. Are couch now has two recliners, but one of them has to be on its last leg considering you can hear it popping everytime you lean back in it. So hopefully soon we will be making a big purchase.
  • Tax time=I HATE IT. I tell me husband it would just be so much easier sometimes if he had a W2 like everyone else. All is reciepts and records or the lack thereof stress me out!!!!
  • I would like some cute craft ideas for the kids to do the week of Valentines Day. We need more ideas, I hate for them to watch TV all of the time, and would like to do more creative stuff with them.

We went to visit our friends, they have a little girl, Kenadie and our kids exchange Christmas gifts. Owen I knew would love his since he told Aunt Shelle exactly what he wanted...........a frog pillow pet. Low and behold, she found him one! Abbie got the ladybug pillow pet and we bought Kenadie a Dora shirt and a Tea Set..........Enjoy


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