Thursday, December 2, 2010


I originally planned not to blog until I returned home from my all girls trip to Branson =)

But, my kids had more on their mind. As in how to make this momma nuts the day before the trip.

They are sparing no expense in their quest either!!!

Owen has been extremely WHINY. I hate that, its crazy annoying. How do I stop it?? Any suggestions welcome.....

We have done everything to curve this behavior, I am at my whits end. How did you other mothers do it?? PLEASE, I NEED advice!!

And Abbie, don't get me started on Miss Sassy Pants! She has major diva-like behavior for a one year old. She is ornery, stubborn, and a temper tantrum thrower. example~I took the remote away from her, she screamed, chased me, and then slapped me on the leg repeatedly. SERIOUSLY, Abbie, you are ONE!!!!

She is purposely mean to Owen, she knows how to throw that sweat little smile so that she doesn't get in trouble. I mean, what do you do, she is one??? She is such a turkey!!!

I love my kids so much, but I am ready for 9:00 in the morning when my car rolls down the driveway.

Daddy will have it all under control. I expect for my kids to have on the same clothes when I get home that I left them in, toothbrushes not wet all weekend, and nothing but pizza and donuts, and who needs a bedtime??

Branson, are you ready? Because I am!!!



  1. Oh my gosh, Emerson is the same way!! I can't believe how much sass they have for their age!

  2. Oh I feel your pain... I even asked the doctor about fit throwing. It, not only is embarrassing when your out and about and a fit breaks out but it is exhausting. I heed advise too! I will be sure to keep checking in to see if people have posted "mommy" advice! Have fun in Branson, we are heading there in two weeks!