Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top ten things...........

I want to do a list on the top ten things that I want to accomplish in 2011...........

Here we go............

Ya ready.............

  • Start building our house =)
  • Teach Abbie to walk, cause obviously, she isn't caring too much to do it on her own.
  • Celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Nowadays at our age, thats a milestone in itself!!!
  • Volunteere at our Church. We have been going to church and I really enjoy taking my kids. I would like this year to officially join the church and volunteer.
  • Lose 30 lbs. I did lose 20 lbs, but gained 10 back due to the Holidays, but worth it for every extra bite of bread I took. (Layered in butter, I look up to Paula Deen, HA)
  • Take my ACT's. Eventaully I want to go back to college. I enjoy staying at home and having this amazing chance. But once Abbie starts kindergarten I would like to go back to school and start my career.
  • Become at least a 3times a week blogger. Pick up on the followers, =)
  • Learn how to use my photoshop elements program. I love that my husband bought it for me after all of the hints I dropped, but I have NO clue what I am doing with it.
  • Order a HUGE photo canvas of my kids. I think they are super cute and I keep putting off getting one, but this year is T.H.E. year for it! (yes, I think of it like a life altering decision)
  • Continue to stay in touch with my family. I love my family so much and I feel like this past year I have gotten closer to them and I want to continue that. I really am blessed for every last one of them.

Waiting on the Christmas Parade

Does anybody else know why it takes forever for blogger to load pictures?



  1. Great idea for a post! And I have MANY of the same goals as you this year! Good luck to us both :)

  2. I wonder the same thing about the picture uploading. It takes FOREVER!! I liked the old uploader where you could still edit/type your post while the pictures were uploading.