Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas

Merry Christmas!!!!

We had a great Christmas and I am truly thankful for everything that we got and every little smile on my kids' faces. We are really blessed!!!

Owen was so excited when he came down the hallway. He was ready to see what he got! His main gifts were the Nintendo DS, bbq grill and the TAG reading system/carrying case/books. He was so cute opening all of his gifts.

My sister bought them both a stuffed animal from the Disney store when we were in Branson and instead of her taking it home, wrapping it and mailing it up I just brought it back with me. It was hard to wrap, thats why Owen's is sitting out. Abbie uses her Minnie Mouse as a pillow, its super sweet!!!!

My Aunt Kelly did the same thing, she bought Abbie a baby doll and Owen a DS game. I brought them back from Branson and wrapped them from her.

My Uncle also sent them a package that was TOO sweet!!! I feel like I have gotten closer to him since my grandpa passed away and I just have to tell him "thank you" too!

My dad and stepmom came up Christmas Eve, stayed the night and went back Christmas morning after the festivities and we had a great time. They just spoil our kids =)

My father-in-law bought Abbie a new kitchen set and Owen the Cruncher Dinosaur that does virtually everything!! You can only imagine that between that and the Nerf gun we haven't had time to break out the rest of the toys.

My step mom also got Abbie the same babydoll, but a girl can never have to many baby dolls!!!

Abbie's main gift was a new toddler bed. We had to step up our game when she started climbing out of her crib! It was getting TOO dangerous so we upgraded and gave it to her early. She also got a new mattress pad, sheets, and a blanket to match her room and tons of clothes, and some cute toys!!!

We had such a great Christmas. We are lucky that we have such a great family to get our kids gifts too.

We received so much that its hard to thank every person individually, but know that your generosity doesn't go unnoticed. THANKS!!!

I am ready for church tomorrow and a relaxing Sunday with my awesome family!

I am also extremely thankful for my husband who bought me several nice things on top of the hand stamped necklace with the kids' names on it. I am in love!!!


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