Sunday, December 5, 2010


Friday morning I woke up and took Owen to daycare. Duke took Abbie to work with him so she could hang out with her grandpa and I hit the road =) I had a destination of Branson, MO!!! I was meeting 7 other women in my family. I had an awesome time, no kids, just fun, shopping, eating and enjoying great company.

When I finally arrived I went and ate at Olive Garden with my aunt and 2 cousins. We were killing time before my sister, 2 more aunts and another cousin arrived. We all met up and went shopping. I don't know if I have ever shopped so much. We started at the Grand Village Shops in the heart of Branson. It was gorgeous, every Christmas ornament you could think of. The prettiest decorations and neat little gifts. There was a HUGE rocking chair that I had to take a picture in =)

After that we loaded up and went to the Dixie Stampede to see their Christmas show. It was awesome!! I love that there are still such family places that speak of Christmas and the Reason for the Season. I am so thankful for my family. If anyone is in the area anytime soon, I suggest you get tickets to that show. The food was delicious, the show was great and I couldn't have asked for better company to spend it with.  I only wish I lived closer, I would be getting tickets to take Owen next weekend.

After the Dixie Stampede we loaded up and went to the landing. It was nice retail therapy, but I didn't hit it too hard because we were going back the next day plus the outlet mall =) I loved the little strip on the landing between the stores, the Christmas lights were up, Christmas music was playing and those cute little benches on both sides. I love it all!!!!

My sister and I

We left the landing and headed back to the hotel, we were getting up early to get a good spot at the outlet mall. We pulled into the mall at 8:45 and didn't leave until 1 to get lunch. I shopped until I dropped. I pretty much finished out my Christmas list and managed to get some stuff for myself. (It wouldn't be vacation if I didn't).

After the Outlet mall we headed to lunch. It was awesome and probably the highlight of my trip. I enjoyed sitting around a big table with all of these women that I admire in some way, shape or form. I loved laughing, talking and eating. They are all so much fun and I love that I got to see different sides of them all while we were together. I really am blessed to have them all in my life.

Our Yummy plate size roll, delicious!!! We were so full and not the least bit hungry but we went into this place to grab some hot chocolate and Emily and I couldn't pass up the taste test, so we ordered it. Besides, we were on vacation!!

We went back to The Landing that night to finish shopping, eat at Joe's Crab Shack and see the light show. It was the perfect "last night" to our trip. I can't wait until we do this again =)

I also realized that both nights we were there that somebody from our group was out shopping at 11:30 at night.............. Grandma is so proud!!! I wish I could be there when you guys tell her all about it ;)

Girls.....................if your reading this. Kristina, Emily, and Kelly *wink wink*, cause I know you guys are!!! LOL  (could you pass this link on to the others)...........I had the best time with you guys. I enjoyed hanging out with you and I am looking forward till' the next one. You guys made me laugh until I cried and made me remember why I love this family so much. I am eternally grateful to each of you for being there every time I needed to talk, or just making me laugh. I am so proud that we have all grown up and can get together like we just saw each other the other day.

This was my car when I left to come home.....



  1. Sounds like you girls had a great time. Would love to see all of you. We should plan a family reunion sometime so that all of our kids (and grandkids) could get to know one another!