Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days til' Christmas......but who's counting??

I am so excited for Christmas this year. Owen is going to be an absolute blast! He ask everyday if he can have just one present. NOPE, we have to wait. He is going to be suprised to come out of his room on Christmas morning and see his stuff from Santa all set up and ready and his big pile of presents.

Yes, I know that presents isn't what its all about. But come on, its fun!! I can't wait for Abbie to get in on this =)

I feel like this year I have totally left Abbie out. Poor thing, she is getting a new toddler bed, a couple of outfits and we bought her a couple of new toys. She is only 1 and its hard to find stuff for her at this age. Plus, her birthday was just two months ago. To top it off.....she is SPOILED ROTTEN!!!

We have sent out our Christmas cards this week and I was pleased with them for the most part. The one thing I was upset about was that I thought the pictures we used could have printed more clearly. They weren't bad. But considering I have this nice expensive camera I would expect them to be perfect. I really think it was just the printing because the pictures look perfect when I pull them up on my computer and they have awesome resolution size.

I have family coming up over the next two weeks and I am extremely excited!!!

We have the annual Wheat's Christmas Party this Saturday up at the shop and it will be a great time like it is every year =) Karoke, drinks, food and great company!!!!

I know this is a really random post but I felt like I needed to do one.

Are you all ready for Christmas???


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