Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings.....


I have been super busy this week already. My kids are crazy these days. NON-STOP crazy!! I am loving every minute of it. Plus I am losing weight since I am chasing them so much =)

Speaking of weight loss, I have lost 15 lbs right now and I am super proud of myself. I have a goal of 15 more. If I can just keep up the hard work I will get there. Plus, the hubs is doing it too, it's nice to have the support!!

Abbie had a follow-up appointment this week for some "snotty" mess that's been going on. They finally put her on children's Zyrtec. So far, so good!

I ordered these personalized stockings from Pottery Barn tonight. They were running a good sale on them with free shipping and free personalization. LOVE THEM!! Go order them, I think the sale ends tonight or tomorrow.

Owen has said that he needs every toy on every commercial and that I don't need to buy him anything for Christmas this year because, in his words, "Santa is getting it ALL"..........oh, is he??

My big girl still isn't walking, she is 13 months and has NO, ZERO, ZIP, interest in it. She will walk around the coffee table, the couch and her toys. But, if you put her in the middle of the floor and try to let go over her she will just collapse. Any suggestions??



  1. eh, don't worry about the walking. 13 months and cruising is totally fine! (and I have a degree to back this up) Start worrying more towards 15/16 months. But she's cruising. She capable. Just 'lazy.' :) My Sarah? UHG! And John? WAY later. Encourage her w/ finger walking, pushing things in front of herself, walking w/ Owen. No worries!

  2. PRECIOUS!!! Love the stockings!! And love that baby girls Abbie!!! MISS YOU!

  3. 1. Caiden didn't start walking until 15 months either. I wouldn't worry about it. She will do it when she is ready.

    2. Awesome job on the weight loss!

    3. Caiden wants everything he sees at the store or on tv too. We have tried to talk to him about how he won't get everything he asks for so he needs to pick a few things he really really wants. We already wrote a letter and set it to Santa.

  4. I wouldn't worry about the walking either. Sounds like she is doing well. She is getting around on her feet, it's not like she is only crawling. She'll get there. :) To encourage Graham, we tried to get him to walk with one hand/finger to improve his balance. We also would try to get him to walk between us while we were very close. However he was very late walker, closer to 18 mos, so we needed to push him a bit harder.

    Congrats on your weight loss!! :)