Friday, November 5, 2010

Picture Help!

I love my Cannon camera! I bought it to take big pictures of the kids and its perfect! However, I recently took the kids to the State Capital and the Govenor's Garden to get some good "fall" pics. I uploaded them, opened my Picasa, edited them, and saved them. I opened several pictures sights to order prints, snapfish, shutterfly, etc....

The dreaded yellow triangle would appear and say these pictures do NOT have a good enough resolution!! WHAT???? How much did I spend on this camera??

I opened them back up in Picasa and they have 3888x2592 pixels. Which another place says should upload to a 30x40 without any problems. And when I upload my original pictures without edits, everything is fine and I can order a huge poster without any problems.

Does anybody know how to help me??I would like to order my edited pictures in bigger prints.


1 comment:

  1. Upload them to {it's free} resize them to 2000. It will automatically format it correctly for you. Then save them. It's EASY and the quality is great. best part.. it's free. :)