Friday, November 26, 2010

O Christmas Tree....

Yes, I went Black Friday shopping this morning. I had a couple things on my list and I got them all. I love the rush of shopping when its such a free for all =) My awesome hubs did a great job getting me from place to place too. He was even sweet enough to run for a friend while she waited in line to check out. So proud of him for this morning!!

But anywho, we decided we wanted to start our own family traditions this year, the first being a real tree! I hate the thought of it, and I am terrified that it will catch on fire. I know, I know, as long as I water it we will be fine, but I am such a stressor of ALL things. We loaded up in the truck and went to a tree farm where you cut your own. This was my first experience of the sorts and I loved it. They took us on a hayride and gave us a saw. Owen loved thinking he was a huge help to pick it all out. The pictures don't do justice!!!

This year I was able to do somewhat of a theme. My husband is such a "traditional" junkie that he loves EVERY ornament, the huge 2 inch colored bulbs, generally, everything that I don't. I wanted a theme, a color scheme, and something different. We met in the middle!!! We have a real tree, clear lights, red / white/ green theme and a funky topper, PLUS we have all of our traditional ornaments on it. I am planning on adding more but I didn't realize how big this tree was, I mean, who would have thought it was bigger than it looked in a huge open field??!!

We had such a great day today. I am feeling it by waking up at 2:30 and I have a cold on top of it. I just took NyQuil and now I am hitting the hay =)

Good Night All!!!!