Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a day, whew! I am tired!!!

This has been quite the day.

Started out taking Owen into the doctor, he just wasn't getting any better. His fever was steady and not coming down and he just laid around. We all know that is NOT typical behavior for a 3 year old. I had called the doctor yesterday to schedule his appointment this morning. We get up, get ready and head to town. We were there for 2 long hours. They swabbed his nose for the Flu and it came back negative. Turns out, he has a virus and an ear infection. Abbie also had a fever this morning so now I assumed its the same virus and things will be fine. She is teething so I would just continue to alternate Motrin and Tylenol. All good, right?? wrong!!

On the way home I get a phone call from my husband explaining to me that in our SMALL town, there has been 4 shootings, 2 separate occasions, 3 dead and one wounded. WHAT, WHY?? AND, the killer is on the loose. I am a nervous wreck. I head home after stopping by the pharmacy, and I have requested my husband stay home with me. After all, he knows how to shoot a gun, I don't! But, I for sure that if needed and the life of my kids were at stake, it wouldn't take me long to figure it out. With that being said, I will probably go to a class to learn all of that stuff! So, the generous husband he is, sat in the living room with me most of the day while the children slept.

He had some important calls so I loaded up the kids (yes, I know that Owen has a virus, but a killer is on the loose in our SMALL town) and we headed to grandpa's house! After all, PaPa wouldn't let anything happen to these babies :)

We gave Abbie Tylenol when she woke up, 2 hours later I checked her temp. 104.9, I freaked out. Her temp was not dropping, I was at a loss for what to do, her pediatrician was out of the office already and they stop taking calls at 4:00. I did try and left a message but no return call. So, I loaded up Abbie and took her in the the ER. 2 kids sick, 2 doctor visits and a killer on the loose. This momma was shook up. We got into triage, they took her temp. 105.3, yes 105.3!!! There isn't a cap lock key for numbers on they would be!! They took us right back and the doctor met us in her room. We were there for two hours, are you seeing a theme??

Abbie was tested for everything just like Owen, turns out, she too has a virus and ear infection and we were sent home with more antibiotics. This momma is tired and worn out and I probably won't get much sleep.

I am "one of those" mothers who checks on her kids throughout the night to make sure they are breathing when they are sick or on new meds!

Plus, there is a killer on the loose, who could sleep!!!!!

If you are reading this, please say a prayer for my babies and the families of the victims.



  1. Oh, I hate high fevers like that!! Hope they are feeling better, and you guys are safe. Cuddle up and take a nap!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. From the looks of things you have been busy! I hope that all gets back to normal in your house and your town! I'll be praying for you all!