Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with PaPa

Tonight we decided to carve pumpkins. Duke says we are running out of time. Really, I think its the MIZZOU game tomorrow night, and football Sunday, therefore his weekend is pretty busy. So anyhow, the good wife I am, went and bought some pumpkins and invited Ashlyn and Jaylee down. Owen loved it, PaPa helped him. His favorite part was taking the "brains" out. I just love his lingo. He is such a special little man in my life.

Abbie obviously couldn't cut the pumpkins or pull the "brains" out without trying to eat them. So instead, daddy gave her a bath while I tried to snap some pictures.

Today is NOT our anniversary, but for our anniversary I wanted to get Duke an iPhone and an Otterbox case. With that being said, I went to Best Buy today and bought him one and I already gave it to him. His poor blackberry was ready to be flushed down the drain, seriously! The speaker blown/busted and everything was high pitched, had a echo, and nothing worked on it anymore. Afterall, we paid for the blackberry package every month, might as well get some use to it, right?? So we just switched over to the iPhone package. He is loving it already. Now, hopefully, next summer I will snag the iPhone 4. But, that is next year, there could be something out better by then, :):):):)

Sorry this is so short BUT SWEET, I am in a blogging funk right now.

Good Night All............


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