Sunday, October 24, 2010



Thats, right! And I know NOTHING about football and I never intend to learn at this pace. My poor husband gets entirely too frustrated with me when he is trying to explain it and misses somethign extremely important. However, just because I don't understand the game doesn't mean I don't enjoy the company and all of the yummy dips and finger foods. We had all of the normal staples that go along with any football game. Rotel, meatballs, meat/cheese/cracker platter, taco dip, hot wings and this awesome cottage chees dip that a sweet lady brought. YUMMY. I could eat that all again today. Actually, we are!! Love leaftovers for football Sundays ;)

Back to the game, obviously MU won. I tried watching the game, but between the kids and the "kitchen" work I more so just caught all of the yelling the men were doing. The men keep me laughing, they will scream every play, yell at every coach/coordinator, explain what they would have done different and then jump at every touchdown or near toughdown that they do, and scream everytime "their" team isn't being treated fairly by the "striped shirt guys". After typing this its no wonder why I don't necessarily want to understand it.

Enjoy the pictures, but ingore the way my garage looks. My husband is in the process of turning it into a "man cave".....


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