Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing with Photography.......

I have been trying my hand in photography, no I am not really any good. The hubs bought me a nice camera last year and I still don't know what the majority of the settings are for. However, if he would invest in this
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (Win/Mac)
for me then I am sure I would be even better, HINT HINT!!

I hope you enjoyed these awesome pictures of my kids. We will be back tomorrow with our Halloween pictures!! Hope you all had/have a safe time trick-or-treating!!
P.S., the color looks darker uploaded then they did in the editing program.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Saturday.....

Somebody is excited for Halloween....

Somebody is excited to feel better....


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a day, whew! I am tired!!!

This has been quite the day.

Started out taking Owen into the doctor, he just wasn't getting any better. His fever was steady and not coming down and he just laid around. We all know that is NOT typical behavior for a 3 year old. I had called the doctor yesterday to schedule his appointment this morning. We get up, get ready and head to town. We were there for 2 long hours. They swabbed his nose for the Flu and it came back negative. Turns out, he has a virus and an ear infection. Abbie also had a fever this morning so now I assumed its the same virus and things will be fine. She is teething so I would just continue to alternate Motrin and Tylenol. All good, right?? wrong!!

On the way home I get a phone call from my husband explaining to me that in our SMALL town, there has been 4 shootings, 2 separate occasions, 3 dead and one wounded. WHAT, WHY?? AND, the killer is on the loose. I am a nervous wreck. I head home after stopping by the pharmacy, and I have requested my husband stay home with me. After all, he knows how to shoot a gun, I don't! But, I for sure that if needed and the life of my kids were at stake, it wouldn't take me long to figure it out. With that being said, I will probably go to a class to learn all of that stuff! So, the generous husband he is, sat in the living room with me most of the day while the children slept.

He had some important calls so I loaded up the kids (yes, I know that Owen has a virus, but a killer is on the loose in our SMALL town) and we headed to grandpa's house! After all, PaPa wouldn't let anything happen to these babies :)

We gave Abbie Tylenol when she woke up, 2 hours later I checked her temp. 104.9, I freaked out. Her temp was not dropping, I was at a loss for what to do, her pediatrician was out of the office already and they stop taking calls at 4:00. I did try and left a message but no return call. So, I loaded up Abbie and took her in the the ER. 2 kids sick, 2 doctor visits and a killer on the loose. This momma was shook up. We got into triage, they took her temp. 105.3, yes 105.3!!! There isn't a cap lock key for numbers on they would be!! They took us right back and the doctor met us in her room. We were there for two hours, are you seeing a theme??

Abbie was tested for everything just like Owen, turns out, she too has a virus and ear infection and we were sent home with more antibiotics. This momma is tired and worn out and I probably won't get much sleep.

I am "one of those" mothers who checks on her kids throughout the night to make sure they are breathing when they are sick or on new meds!

Plus, there is a killer on the loose, who could sleep!!!!!

If you are reading this, please say a prayer for my babies and the families of the victims.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a swingin'

Abbie loves her swing!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010



Thats, right! And I know NOTHING about football and I never intend to learn at this pace. My poor husband gets entirely too frustrated with me when he is trying to explain it and misses somethign extremely important. However, just because I don't understand the game doesn't mean I don't enjoy the company and all of the yummy dips and finger foods. We had all of the normal staples that go along with any football game. Rotel, meatballs, meat/cheese/cracker platter, taco dip, hot wings and this awesome cottage chees dip that a sweet lady brought. YUMMY. I could eat that all again today. Actually, we are!! Love leaftovers for football Sundays ;)

Back to the game, obviously MU won. I tried watching the game, but between the kids and the "kitchen" work I more so just caught all of the yelling the men were doing. The men keep me laughing, they will scream every play, yell at every coach/coordinator, explain what they would have done different and then jump at every touchdown or near toughdown that they do, and scream everytime "their" team isn't being treated fairly by the "striped shirt guys". After typing this its no wonder why I don't necessarily want to understand it.

Enjoy the pictures, but ingore the way my garage looks. My husband is in the process of turning it into a "man cave".....


Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with PaPa

Tonight we decided to carve pumpkins. Duke says we are running out of time. Really, I think its the MIZZOU game tomorrow night, and football Sunday, therefore his weekend is pretty busy. So anyhow, the good wife I am, went and bought some pumpkins and invited Ashlyn and Jaylee down. Owen loved it, PaPa helped him. His favorite part was taking the "brains" out. I just love his lingo. He is such a special little man in my life.

Abbie obviously couldn't cut the pumpkins or pull the "brains" out without trying to eat them. So instead, daddy gave her a bath while I tried to snap some pictures.

Today is NOT our anniversary, but for our anniversary I wanted to get Duke an iPhone and an Otterbox case. With that being said, I went to Best Buy today and bought him one and I already gave it to him. His poor blackberry was ready to be flushed down the drain, seriously! The speaker blown/busted and everything was high pitched, had a echo, and nothing worked on it anymore. Afterall, we paid for the blackberry package every month, might as well get some use to it, right?? So we just switched over to the iPhone package. He is loving it already. Now, hopefully, next summer I will snag the iPhone 4. But, that is next year, there could be something out better by then, :):):):)

Sorry this is so short BUT SWEET, I am in a blogging funk right now.

Good Night All............


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Totally random.............

I have so many random thoughts right now.

  • I can't wait to use my new Shark Pocket Steam Mop........too bad I can't use it yet. (supposed to be for Christmas)
  • I love that we are buying Owen a DS for Christmas, but I hate that they were sold out of the cheaper version and we went ahead and bought the DSi, however, I don't agree with these things having wi-fi and ability to play other people you dont know and from my understanding chat. These things are for kids!!!! I will be putting a parental lock on his FIRST thing. And don't worry, I will be limiting his use.
  • I love my new grey tall boots that my husband bought me and suprised me with yesterday. He can be such a sweetie sometimes.
  • I am happy to be home. After two family funerals this month and all the traveling that I have done I AM READY TO BE HOME!!!
  • The last one makes me really appreciate my family and my husband. I am really BLESSED!!
  • I love my little ones SO much!!!
  • I am ready for Christmas, and Black Friday! Bring on the shopping ads, I LOVE it, and this year the hubs has offered to go with me this year.
  • I love the "Real Housewives" EVERY last season and city.
  • MU plays Saturday and the hubs is thrilled and has friends coming over, me, not so much. I just can't get into it. But I do love the snacks and dips!!
  • Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why does life have to be so hard.....

Life seems to be so hard and I don't know if it has always been that way and just being younger I didn't realize it so much. I hate being a grown up sometimes. God has a plan and I have heard that a lot over the last several years. I beleive it, I really do. And no, that doesn't make it any easier. I have learned not to blame God for bad things that happen. He has done wonders in my life, just look at my wonderful husband, Owen and Abbie. I just have so many emotions going through my body and this time of year is so hard. Six years ago next month I married Duke, I can really say that he is my best friend in every sense of the word and in December the same 6 years ago we lost our first son. I was 33 weeks pregnant and I will never forget that week, day by day, minute by minute of what we went through. From the moment we found out, to labor and to his funeral. I still grieve him, there isn't a day that doesn't go by without him on my mind. I often look at Owen and wonder if this is what he would have looked like. I look at my cousins kids that were born around the same time and wonder if he would be just like them running and playing with each other. I will never blame God for what life has thrown at me. I decided then that I would instead thank him for letting me hold my son and to have two more healthy children to enjoy. Two weeks ago my family lost a grean man, my grandfather. He was buried next to Riley's grave. I had attempted several times to go there but could never bring myself to get out of the car. I knew that day that I had to, I needed the closure. It was so hard and I cried millions of tears that day, but I knew my grandpas helped get me threw it, knowing that they were there with him and that I needed to be strong for my other children. I will now be going back home this weekend for another funeral service, my family has lost another member. My dear uncle has gone to be with the Lord. I hate that my grandma has to bury her own child, for I know what that feels like. I pray for her, she is a strong Godly woman, and I know that she has strength beyond means. As I type this I have tears rolling down my face. I wonder if this is something to blog about, but sometimes, you just need to talk and someone to listen. After all, my blog is an online diary for me. I end this just asking for prayers for our family during this difficult time....


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Festival 10-10-10

Today we woke up early this morning and loaded up the car to head to the annual Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. We met another couple and their little girl there. We had a great time. It is so fun to look around at all of the vendors and see what they all had for sale. And there was EVERYTHING you could think of there. I loved all of the kids stuff but I hated to pay some of the prices for stuff, so lets just say my craft list just got longer =) I wish Hobby Lobby was open on Sundays, this would help me SO much!!

We are now home after we went and had lunch, kids are napping and I am lounging on the couch. We have had such a great day as a family and I am loving every minute of it. I am trying to talk my hubs into taking me to a movie!! Keep your fingers crossed for me, it IS football Sunday afterall!!!

Meet Kevin, Shelle and Miss. Kenadie............