Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tubes and Dr. Visits

Yesterday was a L.O.N.G. day to say the least. I woke up at 5:45 to get ready. Woke Owen up at 6:15 and got him dressed. He probably thought he had a crazy momma. I mean really, we normally sleep in. But not yesterday! Poor Abbie girl was finally getting tubes. FINALLY. We have dealt with over 10 ear infections (she isn't even 1 yet), 3 times we have had to do double rounds of meds, and twice we have had to get shots in her little thighs. Boo :( hate it for my little girl. We pulled out of the drive and 6:40, drove through McDonalds for breakfast. Took Owen to daycare and went to the hospital. We checked in and waited. We had been through this before with Owen so we knew what we were in for. We passed Abbie off to the anesthesiologist and nurse and we went to the waiting room. We were there about 10 minutes and told we could go back to the recovery room. She did awesome! Here is a picture of us waiting for us to be called back...

She and I came home and relaxed, it was perfect. She was snugly which I never get out of her, I was loving every minute. Owen had "competition" at karate to move up a belt. I had ironed his outfit and had it all ready. Duke walked in the door with Owen and I noticed he had a lot of red bumps. WHAT???? As I was taking his clothes off I noticed more and more. I called daycare, nobody else has had chicken pox. I went to the pharmacy looking for some cream or oatmeal bath stuff. I talked to the pharmacist and he said that chicken pox isn't common anymore and since I had a little one at home too I needed to have him checked to make sure thats what it is. Who was I to argue with the pharmacist, he obviously knows more than I do on that subject. So, I load Owen up to take him into urgent care. We waited for eternity about an hour. The dr comes in and informs me that he has had the vaccine, what?? I am such a good parent that I didn't realize that he even got this vaccine. Lovely!!! All in all it happens to be some kind of reaction to chigger bites. After all, why didn't I realize that he had been playing in the dirt/grass and riding his truck through all of the weeds "4-wheelin'". But seriously, my babies get sick or something isn't right, this momma worries. A little over protective, YES! But thats fine with me. I tried to keep Owen busy while we waiting, we took pics, enjoy!!




  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day~sorry it has taken me so long to get over here! Everything started this week! Anyway, both of your babies are too cute!

    We had to do tubes with Reid and while it was a crazy day, they were SO WORTH it. So glad everything went smoothly and you got some extra loving out of it. (c:

    Also, they get so many vaccines-it is easy to not remember. Second, it is better to be know, better safe than sorry! Have a good week!

  2. chiggers!! Ahhh! You are amazing!! I would have been more freaked out by chiggers than chicken pox!! Good for you!