Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday randoms.....

This week is crazy off. Since Monday was a holiday everything else has been thrown off. All of my favorite tv shows have been off, thank God for DVR.

I, we, are HUGE Big Brother fans. Which brings me to my first point, I love Britany, I am so sad to see her evicted. I know, I know, this is the game......BLAH*BLAH*BLAH. You still can't help but to get involved when you watch it. Duke wants "Meow-Meow" (Enzo) to win. Between the last three I would like to see Lane win. But from the beginning I wanted it to be Ragan, he was just hilarious. Rachel, don't know where to begin with her, she was just as crazy as those red extensions. I am already getting fired up for the next season. We are such reality junkies. (totally loving the Real Housewives right now, the DC women crack me up)

Abbie has less than a month before she turns one!!! WHAT, as tears run down my face!!! I am so sad to see her growing up so fast. She is pulling up on stuff and walking along the couch now. She loves the dog food (dont worry, I don't let her eat that for snacks, sometimes I just forget to pick the bowl up before she gets to it, ha) I just love her so much. She crawls so fast now, when I tell her "no" she takes off even faster and most of the time she dies laughing when I catch her. She loves the toilet paper roll, I am constantly rolling it back up ALL of the time. Her hair is starting to really pick up and she is now into 12 month and some 18 month clothes. She also gets tubes this coming Tuesday. We are both ready!!!

Owen is doing good it karate. He hesitates when the first get there but after the first 5-10 minutes he is ready to participate. My husband and I both agreed that since we had to sign a contract for 6 months of it that he WILL like it, lol. Duke continues to take him every Tuesday and Thursday, its more about structure and discipline. Plus its good for him to start listening to other people and take directions from them as well. He is doing so good. We bought this new "writing skill" book for him to do his school work (his words). He sees older kids that he hangs out with go to school and he constantly asks if he can go. So we bought books for him to work with and he actually likes it. I am super proud of how smart he is. (yes, I am partial) We are having an issue with putting him to bed, he screams to lay in our bed. Has anybody else had issues with their child/children doing this. He has a nice, kid friendly room.

My awesome sister-in-law she reads my blog told me that the T-Rex cafe in Kansas City is actually in a mall called the Legends. I explain to my husband how nice this is going to be with Christmas around the corner. Needless to say, I am totally looking forward, especially since I have dropped a size by all of this great eating and walking I am doing. Plus, I looked up what stores are there!!! YEAH!!!

I go get a contact exam today, if all goes well, I will say BYEBYE to glasses and I couldn't be more happier. I went January 09 to get glasses, which I thought would only be for reading, etc. Or I otherwise would have got contacts then. She didn't tell me until the end when I was picking out and paying for my glasses that they were FULLTIME. My vision is horrible, and I was in denial that there were THAT bad. Again, I am ready to go and get contacts, wish me luck!!

I am loving all of my fall smells throughout my house!! Yummy!!

I am THRILLED not so much about opening night of NFL tonight. Thats ALL my hubs has talked about. I guess this means I will gain what weight I have lost back due to all of the snacking, dips, and bbq's that we will have. I also promised him that I would learn about football this year. Wish me luck!

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