Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally I am posting from our last weekend.....

This has been saved for about 5 days now, figured I should publish it =)

Our exciting Saturday night trip to Kansas City wasn't to exciting when we had to drive through a storm. Just right outside KC it was horrible, we saw lightning everywhere, wind, puring down rain and hail. I was terrified, I always get this gut wrenching pain in my stomach when I am in a situation with my kids that could harm them. I find myself thinking of the WORST thing that could happen. Its a horrible habit. (I even find myself worried that a bridge will colapse while I am on it. Crazy, I know!)

We arrived in KC, found our hotel and enjoyed relaxing. We drove around downtown, mapped our route to the Theater. Went back to the hotel and tucked in for the night. We woke up early, Abbie woke up at 5! FIVE!!! We got ready, ate breakfast and loaded up. We were on our way to see DORA!!! The show was cute. The kids enjoyed it. However, I will not plan to attend another show at naptime. WHAT was I thinking?? I also don't think they should have intermission when you are at a show full of kids ages 2-5!! But, for the most part, we all enjoyed it.

After the show we went to T-Rex Cafe at the Legends Shopping Center. Owen LOVED it. I have never seen that child so happy. We were sat next to 2 dinosaurs that moved and made noise. He jumped every time they moved. We spent more time in the gift shop area then we did actually eating our lunch. Worth every penny!!

I love making these memories for/with my kids!! I am blessed to have such a wonderful family, husband and children.


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