Friday, September 10, 2010


Owen generally goes to daycare on Monday's, however, this past Monday was a holiday so we switched for today. Today was also the day that the mini Bookmobile, JR, in our area was stopping by for the first time.
I had Owen up and ready early so I could make sure that he wasn't going to miss a thing. I think this is the neatest idea, they go once a month to daycares. It's a mini library for kids, they sing, do plays, read books and so much more. Parents can choose to set up their children with a library card too (which also works at the local library). Owen loves to read, and be up close and personal with all going on.

We did get Owen a card. I think its a great idea, it will teach him so much!! I didn't take any pictures but Mrs. Robin did. She said Owen did great and he found one dinosaur book and they made the comment that they would bring more next month =) My little man loves his dino's!!! I am so happy that he is so lucky to have these opportunities....
Owen is in the middle with the Mizzou, #24 jersey =)


  1. Wow! What a great idea to have alibrary on wheels! I saw your comment and I am new follower to you now too! :) Your kids are precious!

  2. Thanks for saying hi on my blog, Sarah! Love yours, too- what adorable little ones you have. And LOVE that bookmobile, I'd forgotten about that concept and how much I loved it as a kid.

    Oh, and the B&BW pumpkin scents? I want to EAT THEM ALL.

  3. Saw your comment and question on my blog....thanks for saying hi! You asked about the ladybug cake...I used crusting buttercream and the Viva towel method....if you go to and search for viva towel method they have an explanation there....I did the dots and flowers with marshmallow fondant...i used the recipe of cake central called buttercream flavored marshmallow fondant...tastes tons better than the storebought kind, is much cheaper to make, and actually tastes good...and i think it's really easy to work with....hope that helps...if you have any more questions let me know I am always willing to help----even a missouri fan ;) Boomer Sooner :)