Monday, August 23, 2010

Karate and walking and Madeline =)

First things first, my baby started karate last week. Yes, he is only 3. But the concept is for him to start being around more kids (since he only goes to daycare one day a week). Plus, the discepline helps too. I hope that he really enjoys it, especially since we have made a 6 month commitment.

We also have started walking at our local park. I love it because at the end of the walk I promise Owen that he can play as long as he is good and sits while I "walk it out" =) He generally does really well, and I am super proud of myself, I am on my second week! go me!! Abbie likes the swings too.....

My niece Madaline started school this last week and my sis in law sent me this picture of her first day back, she is just SO sassy!!!! Love that little girl!

I promise to come back and get on top of my blogging game =)

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  1. Love your little boy in his Karate gear :)!!
    Hope you had a great summer!!!