Thursday, July 29, 2010


M.I.A.=Me the last couple of weeks!

My life has been crazy hectic and now my birthday is coming up this Saturday. We are going to have a date night, you don't get too many of those when you have two little ones.

This past week has been crazy! Last Saturday we went to a friends house with another couple and had the BEST time.

The kids played and had SO much fun. Their ages were all perfect to enjoy every minute of it. Owen and Caiden hit it off from the start. They played, ran, and jumped all over the house. I went looking for Owen and we saw both boys run down the steps and hide behind a wall, I noticed that they didn't have shirts on. As they continued on I noticed that they didn't have their pant/shoes on either. They had went upstairs and put on Caiden's camo boxers and they were playing army guys. Oh, to have their imagination ;) Pictures show a thousand words!

Abbie and our dear friends little girl, Kenadie enjoyed all of the attention that they got from Kenzie. She loved them, played with them, and even got spit up on by Abbie, yet still came back for more. She will be a great babysitter in a couple more years.

On another note, I have started buying Christmas presents already. Please tell me that I am not the only one!!!

Life has been so busy the last month that I am having trouble keeping up. I hope to be a better blogger soon!! Stick with me ;)


  1. I'm lovin' those camo boxers!! Too cute!

  2. So cute!!! Glad you are having fun sweet P! Glad we have gotten to catch up lately! Love you cuz...

  3. Left something for you on my blog!