Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Abbie's 9 month check up!

Little Miss will be 9 months tomorrow. Man, how time flies. She is such a petite little cutie. She measured the 30% in length, weight, and head circumference. She did awesome at the Dr appt. We took Owen with us and I told him if he would listen and act appropriately (cause I was for sure he knew what that meant) then we would get an ice cream. I only had to get onto him once, so I was pretty proud. We went to Sonic and I bought him a "vanilla dish". Abbie had been really fussy, in the car she got quite, I figured she just gave up on the crying seeing as I was driving and couldn't get her out. Owen tells me that Abbie likes his ice cream cause its so cold. REALLY? I look in the mirror and she has her hand in the bowl. I reached around and grabbed it, gave it back to him and explained to him that it was a "no no" to give Abbie anything without asking momma first. Needless to say, she screamed bloody murder the whole way home. After all, where is her ice cream?

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  1. The ice story is too funny! I had to share it with my husband.