Thursday, July 29, 2010


M.I.A.=Me the last couple of weeks!

My life has been crazy hectic and now my birthday is coming up this Saturday. We are going to have a date night, you don't get too many of those when you have two little ones.

This past week has been crazy! Last Saturday we went to a friends house with another couple and had the BEST time.

The kids played and had SO much fun. Their ages were all perfect to enjoy every minute of it. Owen and Caiden hit it off from the start. They played, ran, and jumped all over the house. I went looking for Owen and we saw both boys run down the steps and hide behind a wall, I noticed that they didn't have shirts on. As they continued on I noticed that they didn't have their pant/shoes on either. They had went upstairs and put on Caiden's camo boxers and they were playing army guys. Oh, to have their imagination ;) Pictures show a thousand words!

Abbie and our dear friends little girl, Kenadie enjoyed all of the attention that they got from Kenzie. She loved them, played with them, and even got spit up on by Abbie, yet still came back for more. She will be a great babysitter in a couple more years.

On another note, I have started buying Christmas presents already. Please tell me that I am not the only one!!!

Life has been so busy the last month that I am having trouble keeping up. I hope to be a better blogger soon!! Stick with me ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

{birthday celebration and first day of vacation}

I know that so many of you are waiting for the post about our family vacation in Branson. So, here it is, you're welcome! But first, here are some pics of the night before at the Winery. It was a dear friends birthday and a couple of us surprised her at the winery. It was such a nice evening with a decent breeze and great appetizers!

We originally weren't supposed to head down until Sunday, but we loaded up and went to Saturday hoping that the hotel we were staying in would have an opening. Brilliant idea because they did. Plus it gave us an extra day of vacationing. On the way down we stopped in Springfield at Bass Pro. For some reason I just love that store, it might be the smile on Owen's face when he sees the fish and turtles. It could also be that my hubs bought me a really cute North Face sweatshirt. Thanks Dukie ;)We hung out there for a bit, I just love all of the stuff they have to look at. I could tell you nothing about hunting/fishing/ or anything outdoors, but it puts me in awe to see how much people spend on that kind of stuff. I will NO longer complain with my husband wants to buy a $9 football magazine.

We left Bass Pro and I spotted a Krispy Kreme, seriously, can anybody pass one without stopping? Then we hit the highway for the remainder 30 minutes to Branson. We went to our hotel, got our key and unloaded. We hit the hay early knowing we had a lot that we wanted to take Owen to do. First on our list was the Dinosaur Museum. Owen was literally FIRED UP! They had a huge dino painted on the building and when he saw that it was crazy. He kept saying "momma, look, daddy, look" We told him we were going to go in and see more big dinosaurs and he could pick out something to buy. "Thank you momma, Thank you daddy, oh, thank you thank you thank you"......that's pretty much how it went!! After that we took him to ride the tea cups and the little train. LOVED it. Enjoy the pics, back with day 2 soon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Abbie's 9 month check up!

Little Miss will be 9 months tomorrow. Man, how time flies. She is such a petite little cutie. She measured the 30% in length, weight, and head circumference. She did awesome at the Dr appt. We took Owen with us and I told him if he would listen and act appropriately (cause I was for sure he knew what that meant) then we would get an ice cream. I only had to get onto him once, so I was pretty proud. We went to Sonic and I bought him a "vanilla dish". Abbie had been really fussy, in the car she got quite, I figured she just gave up on the crying seeing as I was driving and couldn't get her out. Owen tells me that Abbie likes his ice cream cause its so cold. REALLY? I look in the mirror and she has her hand in the bowl. I reached around and grabbed it, gave it back to him and explained to him that it was a "no no" to give Abbie anything without asking momma first. Needless to say, she screamed bloody murder the whole way home. After all, where is her ice cream?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities ;)

It has really been forever since I have blogged. Everything has been going on or going wrong. We replaced the compressor in my car this month, new brakes in both vehicles, wheel bearings in Duke's truck, and to top it ALL off, I was mowing the yard for the hubs, ran over a metal spring and it flew and busted out my window in my car. SERIOUSLY?!?! We called everywhere. Prices ranged from $500-$900 for it. Really, it was the back window, not even the windshield!! My hubs went to the office the next day and started calling around, we (meaning him) found one for $75 and a used store, and they shipped it to their local store for $75 ;) Thank God!!
After all of the vehicle work was done we decided to celebrate. We bought fireworks for Owen, he even helped pick some out. We went to my father-in-laws house and played around in his back yard.

Duke smoked ribs and a pulled-pork! DELICOIUS ;)

We chowed down. We ended up going down by the river to watch Jeff City's fireworks. We found a low key place where nobody else was and it was perfect to say the least.

We are still lighting fireworks.
I have a million other things going on this week. We are getting ready for vacation this week and I have shopping to do, packing, and cleaning before we leave. I am scared that I am going to forget something. Please Pray for my sanity this week.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Moment Of Silence for Cohen

A moment of silence for Cohen. If you haven't read his story, read it here.