Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Owen's 3rd Birthday

This last weekend was a crazy one for us. We had Owen's 3rd birthday and Fathers Day. We bought daddy a "star-bit set" his favorite football magazine (which, by the way, are ridiculusly expensive), and his favorite candy, Reese's peanut butter cups. I hated buying him tools for his present, but thats all he would say that he wanted.

Owen's birthday went great. I woke up early that day to get the cupcakes. We ordered them from Sam's Club. There were delicious, fresh and super cheap. I think they were $12 for 30! I then took the balloons that I ordered online to my cousin who was going to blow them up for us. (Thanks Jackie) I had everything else loaded in my car ready to go. I did Capri Suns for the kiddos, which was perfect, no mess! We arrived at Jumpin Jacks and started unloading stuff for the party, set it all up and people started arriving. We had such a good turnout. Owen got so many gifts, tons of Toy Story! Which is great since Owen thinks he is Buzz Lightyear these days. I want to say thanks to everyone that came, we enjoyed seeing everyone of you! And since Owen can't type, I will tell you all thanks for the gifts.

P.S. Owen didn't wear his shirt I made him!!! Lets just say at this age he is "Mr. Independent" and sometimes its just easier to give in. At least he looked cute!!! I am learning to pick my battles when it comes to him. But I am praying that since he is now 3 that the terrible twos will magically disappear.

Also, I am looking for picture frames since I just got the kids pictures made. I need one for a 16 x 20 and two 8 x 10's but I want them to have big matts in them to make them look bigger. Any suggestions would be great on where to go, reasonable. Thanks in advance!!


  1. Awe, yay Owen ... Looks like so much fun. Umm, do they have a jumpin jacks for adults??

  2. AWW precious!!!! We got Ave's cupcakes at Sam's, they are the BEST! And they do such a good job!!!! Love ya!!! =)