Thursday, June 3, 2010

everything is on my mind.....

So, I feel like I have let down my followers, yes, ALL 31 of you!! I just haven't been that interesting lately. I have so much going on and so much on my plate, its just been crazy. Plus, today is such a random day, I'm sure I am not the only one that has those. Random, as in every thought I have has nothing to do with the last, my lists are just sparatic, if I can even find the one I just wrote. You know, that type of day.
Stuff on my mind lately....
1. When will Owen put down the cap gun??? He carries this thing everywhere. I am getting arrested every time I turn around.(yes, he has handcuffs, which I am CONSTANTLY thanking the hubs for bying) He arrest me for not turning off the light when I leave a room, folding laundry and not putting it away, (his words are that I am making a mess and not picking up my toys =) Crazy, I didn't realize that he listened near that much!!

2. Will Abbie crawl? I feel like she is behind, even though the Doc says she is fine. O did everything early so I guess I have high expectations. She has NO interest in crawling, on a good day she will roll a couple times. She will sit ALL day and play with her toys, as long as they are in arms reach.

3. Speaking of Abbie, I hate feeding jar baby food ALL of the time, when can she try finger foods, or people food? And what do you start with. I am terrified that she will choke, I will freeze and won't know what to do. So I try to stick with different stuff when daddy is here. I know, sounds GOOFY! Any advice!?

4. Owen's party. Enough said!!! We had originally planned to have a BIG dinosaur party. At the park! Then we realized that it will be extremely HOT. Not a fan of that, or flies. So, we are still doing dinosaur theme with ballons, invites, and cupcakes, with some extras, but we reserved "jumpin jacks" for his party. Its a huge inflatable jump place that is air conditioned, clean, and fun. Easy Peasy!! Does that make me a bad momma??

5. His invites are flippin adorable. Ordered them from Etsy...speaking of invites. Yes, I was going to be super momma and make him some CUTE, homemade invitations. Everything was going great, I spent a lot of time cutting stuff out on a Cricut, I mean ALOT of time. The hubs and I stayed up until midnight one night putting them all together, I put modge podge on them, went to bed, woke up and they looked like poop. I hated them, didn't they think would turn out. The ink ran on the actual invites. Just looked stupid, and I felt like crap. So, I stressed out, had to mail them the next day, so I ordered some new "personal" ones. They turned out CUTE!!

6. If it's not one thing its another!! My air conditioning in my car went out. The compressor has to be replaced (which is getting done today). Then the hubs informs me that his wheel bearing is bad on his truck. Needless to say thats getting done today as well. Which means about $900 in car repairs for just one day. We both have newer vehicles which aggrevates me even more!!!

7. I am ready for our vacations!!!


  1. I totally hear you! Here's a big hug for you! Love the invites, and you are not a bad mom for the indoor party! Also, start Abby w/ Cheerios or those Gerber veggie/fruit puffs. They both melt in the mouth. After that, try tiny pasta, like the star kind, just boiled and thrown on her tray, peas, corn, diced cooked carrots, diced cooked apples, diced cooked pears. You can steam all those in the micro or be lazy (like me) and buy them. Gerber makes them. Throw a couple on her tray at a time. :) Let her play in applesauce, pudding, yogurt, ice cream or whipped cream, mashed potatoes and gravey, cranberry sauce. I've done this baby feeding thing 3 times now, so I know the tricks :) Hope that helps! Have fun!

  2. I think that having the party at the inflatible place will be great. I bet all the kids will have a blast, as far as the invitations go it never crossed my mind to make some for J 1st birthday, so I think kuddos for the thought.
    If you are afraid of Abby choking maybe you could take a CPR course (usually take a full Sat though to do CPR & 1st aid) and that would make you fell better. Although have a been CPR certified for 10+ years and an Instructor for the last 5 years and I still worry about him chocking. I think that the worrying is what makes you a good Mommy.

  3. Go to, and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!