Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Randoms!

  • OK, so I have some cute pics of my babies playing at a local "indoor inflatable play place" (did you get all of that?). Owen had so much fun, like always! I am so proud of him. I always question his behavior because it seems like when we are at home or at the grandparents house he acts up SO bad. I know at grandpa's house he does it because he is used to getting what he wants from him. I have worked hard on setting boundaries, but I try to "pick and choose" our battles. Plus, we have focused so much attention on Abbie and she is so little that we can't get on to her right now, so of course Owen acts up more. But the point of all that is that when we actually go somewhere he acts good. He remembers his manners, says please,thank you, and excuse me. Those are the moments that make me proud. When he acts so bad at home I try to let it slide since he does act good in public. (crazy how all of that works)!

  • Abbie is getting so big, hard to believe that she is almost 8 months. She has a good little appetite but she is just so petite. We are eating 2-3 step 3 jars of baby food a day plus all of her bottles. I really want to start working finger foods in her diet. Right now she has had the Mum Mums, and I feel safe with those. But I don't know what else to try. I have a fear that she will choke one day while I am here by myself and I will forget everything that I am supposed to do. Does anybody else have that fear?? What else did you try with your kids? And do you have any suggestions as far as the sippy cup goes. We have tried 3 different ones and all she wants to do is chew on it. Our pediatrition said that we would probably have a set back with her since she was in the hospital for that 8 days and that takes a toll on them. But she is finally starting to catch up with where she should be. Thank God!!

  • We have been working on his birthday party and I have been so stressed trying to do it all and plan it all and make sure every last detail is planned out. Which is very hard from 3.5 hours away from the party destination. I didn't want to have to drag everything in the car, unload it all, and load it all back up. And I didn't want to spend my weekend getting the finishing touches together instead of visiting with my family. So the hubs and I sat down and decided to book this place called Jumping Jacks. Its similar to the place here that I took Owen to. I am so relieved. I think it will be awesome and he will love it!!

  • My air conditioning in my car went out, we have it scheduled to be fixed this coming week. The compressor went bad, and lets just say that this is a $709 problem that I was not wanting at this time! We have Owens bday in June, and our family vacation in July. I am thankful that we have had my car for 5 years, we bought it new and this is the only problem that we have had with it. So, I can't complain!!

  • We had a guy come show us a Rainbow vaccume tonight, and lets say "I am in love". It amazes me at all of the dirt that mine doesn't get up. I am trying to talk to the hubs about getting one. He, like any man, can't justify that much for a vaccume. So if any of you have one, let me know what you think! And do you think its worth the money =)

  • It's 11:30 and I NEED to go to bed!! Goodnight all......

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