Sunday, May 23, 2010

Low Key Weekend

We didn't have a crazy weekend or anything too exciting to talk about. We hung out and hit some garage sales, I will post pics of my great finds tomorrow. I am really happy with everything I came home with and my poor van was loaded to the top. So bad that I had to reach up into the car to hold stuff in when I lifted the back hatch. SAD, I know =)
Today we didn't do much either. I love weekends like this! We went to Target and did some shopping, found a couple of things I didn't need but bought anyway. Went out to eat Mexican, it was delicious! I swear, Owen could eat a whole bowl of salsa. We ran to Lowe's, Petco, Shoe Carnival, and grandpa's house. Came home....gave the kids a bath and snapped some pics! Love my kiddos :)

Check out Abbie's pout in this one...

Owen's meanface =)

Owen loved to play with the colored rice!

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