Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where have I been???


I have been MIA here lately! For about 2 weeks actually, so many blogs to catch up on :) I will start with my poor little Abbie girl getting admitted into the hospital. Poor thing!! Duke and I took her into the ER becuase she had a cold for several days and had some drainage, normally when she gets drainage she gets an ear infection. This was a Monday and her doc is out on Tuesdays and at her office you call that morning and they will call you back and schedule a visit with another doc in the office. Don't mind, love all of the docs there. BUT, if she had to see another doc I would just soon take her into the ER that night so if I was going to see another doc I would see them sooner rather then later. (make sense?) We took her in and the immediately swabbed her for RSV. At this point I was nervous, I didn't think it was anything serious (just another ear infection). The swab came back negative. They checked her oxygen level and it was low, she was also dehydrated, which is weird because she continued drinking her bottles normally except the last two. Anyway, they ordered a chest xray! Came back pneumonia!!! What?? My baby, my 5 month old baby has pneumonia!! My heart hit the floor, and it was bad enough to admit her, and we were there 8 days! I hated it for her! I hated it for all of us. I stayed in the hospital with her from the time we were admitted until the time we were discharged. I left twice, once to get Owen's Easter basket with him, second to go out and eat with Duke. While my father in law and his girlfriend came up to watch her. I HATED being away from Owen. He is my little man! I love him so much and to go without him, not tucking him in, or kissing his boo boo's, or making sure he is eating right. Duke kept him, and did a great job. But seriously, us mommas just have a different touch!! We are now home! I am so thankful to everyone who said prayers for us! I am so happy that my little girl is better! And that I am home with my family!! Our follow up is tomorrow so keep us in your prayers :)

I missed Easter with Owen :( But daddy did dye eggs with him. Which makes me so proud of my hubby. I did ask him to do them outside on the sidewalk to that if he spilled anything, it was be fine! He captured some pics for me so here they are...

Here is Owen's Easter basket!

He always gets a new toothbrush and toothpaste for every holiday, plus he got a book, very little candy, a new dragon hooded towel, some house shoes, bubbles, hand soap, and some bubble gum! We bought him a trampoline this week so he will enjoy that this weekend. Daddy has been working late so he is getting it together a little every night. I am having a garage sale this weekend so I am working hard on that!!
I am so happy to be back!! Now on to reading all the blogs I follow.....

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  1. Oh my goodness, this picture of Abby just melts my heart!!!!