Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have been SUPER busy this weekend. Abbie got out of the hospital Tuesday and since then I have been getting stuff ready for a garage sale. Yes, its that time of the year again! My kids have so many clothes, but they just grow so fast. It is not unusual for me to take the tags off of something, put in on Owen and by the time I wash it and I put it on him again, he has already outgrown it. I love how everyday is a journey with my kids and I learn something new or Abbie makes a new sound, or Owen tells me what shape, how many, or the color of something as we drive down the road. It just reminds me of lucky I am to have my little ones. I get so frustrated with Owen right now (don't know if frustrated is the work I am looking for), he will dance around holding himself and try not to pee his pants just until a commercial comes on, or he will cry and scream for a sippy cup when we are trying to break him of them and he hasn't had one for a week, (shouldn't he forget it about it by now). I love him so much but we are for sure in the terrible two's stage. But I am praying that since he turns 3 in Juune that we are almost out of this phase (YEAH RIGHT)!!!

My hubs finished putting the trampoline together tonight and Owen jumped for 2 hours straight. And of course my hubby will find ANYTHING or ANY reason to light a fire! Tonight the reasoning was "Owen wanted Smores!" Thats right, OWEN wanted smores!!!

Please Enjoy The Pics...

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  1. Hey Girl! The bon fire looked amazing! Anywho, the next MOPS meeting is the LAST! I know, it wont start back up again until the follow school year (around August/Septemberish) The next meeting is May 5th, it Tea and Testimony. It's a little more classy, you bring someone special. I have never been, nor do I know if I am bringing anyone ... maybe my Mother in Law, I don't know. You should come though, and if you have someone special in your life, bring them! It's $5.00 a personl.