Thursday, April 29, 2010


I copy and pasted this off of Rachels blog....LOVE IT!!! And oh, so true!!

So I have come to a realization this week that I think I need to address....for those who are concerned (DUKE WHEAT, I exchanged the hubbies names!), please read below:

The Lord did not give me great housekeeping genes, if anything, he skipped that all together when he was knitting me. I read blogs about yall being so organized "only one more load of laundry to fold" or "it is cleaning day and the whole house is spotless". My laundry is NEVER done, not even close! I never can make my house spotless. I used to think that I just did not have time, but I have recently realized that I just don't do it!! I am kidding myself that I am just too busy. I can make time for lunches, making bows with friends, and shopping all on top of my busy work load, but cleaning the house or laundry NEVER make the list. Now, if I am entertaining, I will clean this house and shove laundry in hidden places faster than you can imagine, but that is not the way to do it and that just causes so much more stress I have had to come to the realization that I can't help it...I am just made this way and I my remedy is a housekeeper. If I have a headache, I take Aleve, if I am bad sick, I go to the Dr...when I have this disease I will now refer to as "cleaningmakesmeill-itis", we need to hire the best remedy possible, a housekeeper. Cleaningmakesmeill-itis is a common disease and I feel that so many women are fighting it and hurting themselves cleaning their homes. If only so many husbands would realize it and get their wives the help they need to hopefully put an end to this phenomenon, the world would be a much happier, fresh smelling, dust free, place. Just think of all the happier wives if their houses were cleaned...and we all know happier wives equal even happier husbands!! So will you join me in this revolution, stop the insanity, stop the constant mopping, dusting and vacuuming, join me in the fight against CLEANINGMAKESMEILL-ITIS!

Our next fights once this is conquered: EXCERSIZEISFORTHEBIRDS-emia, POTTYTRAININGSUCKS-enza, and BUDGET-POX.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know I sound like a spoiled brat and ungrateful for the house I have to clean, the mounds of clothes that need to be washed, and my legs, arms, etc. This is all in good fun, strategically written close to Mother's Day and for the sole purpose of my husband reading it and yall laughing. Please know that any mean comments will not be approved and I will hit reject as soon as I see them bc this is my blog and I said so!


  1. Love it!! I HATE cleaning house! So much that my husband bribed me with dinner at a really fancy steak house, if i cleaned the kitchen!!

    I'm still debating how bad I want that steak!

  2. LOVE it!! So glad you are joining the fight!!! HAHA!! I am waiting on the call from Shane that he read it =)!

  3. Cousin!!! How cute is this!! Love you!! ;)

  4. i am so with's like impossible for me to keep it clean...i try with all my heart.