Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carnival and Petco!

We went to the local elementary school today on a whim to check out their carnival. I really wasn't planning on it and I wasn't dressed for it. Once I picked up the hubs from work to ride with us I realized that we were all wearing our Wheat's shirts!! How goofy did we look?? Embarassing!!! Owen looks so cute in his! I had went and got my spray tan this morning and I was in sweats and a tshirt but SO comfy. We saw all of the cars in the parking lot and thought we needed to go in and check it out! There were tons of little games that the older kids were running and Owen got some cute books and smaller toys!

It was so fun and he had a blast. They had a huge bounce house that you had to climb up to a wall to get to the top and slide down. Owen got to the top and was so scared to slide down, he sat there and cried and cried and CRIED!
My heart sank. All these other kids were going and he wasn't budging. We took Ashlyn with us and she went up 4 seperate times to try and get him down and it wasn't working. Poor thing! She sure tried!! So what did this momma do? I climbed up with all of the little kids and went in and got my baby! HA, I got all of the way up there and he looked at me with his arms out and said "momma, help"! Melted me!
We also went to Petco tonight to get a couple of things. My father in law has kept our dog Hank for a while because our house just isn't the biggest. It has been temporary until we find a bigger house that we love. (which we went and looked at one today)!! We have had Hank for 6 years and we bought him before we ever got married and he was 6 months old. So to say the least, we have missed him! The hubs really wanted to bring him home with us. I am not as for sure, so we brought him down for a night to try it out and see how it goes and if its comfortable. I have to admit, the nights the hubs works late and/or gets late service calls, it will be nice to have Hank here and just feel safer! But this IS a trail basis!! But here is Owen at Petco....


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am really looking forward to following your blog and will definitely be back :)

    Your photos are so great!

  2. Love that you all had your Wheats Shirst on ... too cut! Sounds like you all had a great time!