Friday, March 12, 2010

Whew...what a day!!

OK, so my day yesterday was crazy!
I had planned to make a trip back home this weekend for a baby shower and my nieces birthday. We were ALL going to go. Duke, (the hubby),works so hard! He had a really good call come in and the guy wanted it set up for Saturday. He didn't want to pass it up. Needless to say, we talked about it and decided I should just go down with the kids and then I could go ahead a leave a day early. Plus, I wanted to get going so I could see my sister, (keep her in your prayers!). So I started running around getting everything together, I packed both kids stuff. Baby stuff that I was bringing that my kiddos have outgrown, baby gifts, 2 baby swings, toys, and so much more! Everything was loaded, or so I thought! I get ALL the way down here (4 hours) and my hubby calls and ask if I meant to leave my black suitcase with MY clothes on the bed! WHAT??? SERIOUSLY??? LORD, help me! At least I brought my bag that my CHI! Just my clothes is what I left behind. Sometimes my mind slips me!
I have a funfilled day tomorrow. I am ready!! ha! I did get my hair cut and I have bangs. I love it! Look at the pic, but ignore the barely there makeup and it does look kind of messy! HA, my pics at/of the shower will be WAY cute.

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